Dominic is a journalist and photographer living in Chicago.

This site is a collection of writings, photos, and projects.

Covering a range of issues throughout America, Dominic has reported on urban conflict in St. Louis, gun violence in Chicago, anti-war protests in DC, civil rights violations, veterans affairs, and community activism.

He has worked for Extra News, a bilingual community newspaper in Chicago, and has his work on gun violence featured on Chicago’s NPR affiliate, WBEZ, as part of their series, “Every Other Hour.” In 2016, he created, “Life After the Bullet,” a multimedia documentary series detailing the struggles of gun violence victims in Chicago. Dominic has also written for Wonkette

He writes a daily a newsletter on global news and technology called, “The Smoke Eater.”

You can find a gallery of recent photo work here.

He occasionally posts on Instagram and Twitter.

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